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West Martello Tower’s Freedom Bell

This is called the ‘Freedom Bell’… OK, the blue thing hanging behind Crystal and her friend is called the ‘Freedom Bell’. ? Let me tell you, when you ring this bell it’s absolutely deafening loud! Free advice: If you wear hearing aids, you may want to turn them ALL THE WAY DOWN when ringing! ?

There’s at least two ‘Freedom Bells’ in the Florida Keys, this ones in Key West. I’ve reported on the other one located about 80 miles further up. They’re made out an empty scuba diving air tank with the bottom cut off and chord hanging down through the center with a heavy weight providing the deafening ring when struck against the inner portion of the tank.

You can find the Key’s second ‘Freedom Bell’ at the West Martello Tower Civil War Fort on Higgs Beach. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that it’s FREE to get in this beautiful scenic historical Civil War Fort… 100% TRUE!

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