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We Biked The ENTIRE Island Of Key West!

Riding a bike in Key West is extremely popular and one of the most relaxing past times. As avid bike riders, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend 35 hours of our lives enjoying ALL of the scenic beauty, historical sites & oddities this vacation wonderland has to offer.

YES it’s true, we biked the ENTIRE island of Key West! EVERY public street, alleyway, paved & dirt road (seen below), behind and around EVERY building & church, crisscrossing EVERY intersection finding countless hidden gems throughout. It took us 6 different weekends, 1 year 5 months, and biking nearly 3-4 hours a day to accomplish such a feat. We snapped well over 1,000 photos, many of them I’ve used in previous blogs saving hundreds upon hundreds more for your future entertainment. Seen here are your blog hosts celebrating the achievement with their two favorite friends… well deserved ice-cold long necks! ?

Although I don’t expect anyone to bike the entire 3 x 5 mile island, I do encourage you to give it a try for an hour or two. I assure you, it will become one of the most relaxing memories you’ll take back home.

Shoestring Weekend

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