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Sweating For You!

Sweaty Wet Back… For You!

Good evening blogees & blogettes! I finally downloaded my photos from this past weekend in Key West. I took 196 photos for you, many of which will appear in future blogs. This one stood out making me laugh upon seeing it and I just couldn’t wait to show you so here it is!

And YES, after all these years… you finally have a photo of me! ?

I mentioned in the past that we cycle a lot, this past Key West trip we peddled approximately 28 miles on our bikes and this photo shows that we in no way take the easy road in researching and getting the photos & stories needed to do one story a day for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. It was so hot during our daily bike rides that I literally soaked a number of shirts & jean shorts a day in the process with this picture being the proof. I love doing this for you and showing off my families hometown of Key West that we so LOVE!

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