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Population ZERO!

Historic Fishing Village of Card Sound

Welcome to the Historic Fishing Village of Card Sound, Florida! The city limit sign (pictured on the left) is on the eastern end of the fishing village about 200 feet past the toll booth exiting the village. I saw no city limit sign entering the village from the west.

I kid you not, in this entire village there’s this city limit sign, a toll booth and a bar called Alabama Jack’s and that’s it! There’s NOT a single store, No gas stations, No homes, No stop signs, No traffic lights and NOT a single building giving this fishing village a permanent residence population of ZERO! Well, that is other than those passed out at the bar unable to drive home! ? Believe me, I tried and tried to find other signs of life and couldn’t. In past years there was something like a shanty houseboat town of 10 or 12 floating homes west of Alabama Jacks that are no longer there.

Now you’ve seen it, these photos in this blog are in fact the entire village but don’t let that stop you from driving by. Alabama Jack’s is always packed with bikers and car clubs stopping in for a brewski on the way down or back from the Keys. This has also been the backdrop for several Miami Vice TV show episodes and the 2-story portion was in the Movie “Drop Zone” with Wesley Snipes.

At the VERY beginning of the Florida Keys at Mile Marker 126.7 turn left onto Card Sound Road and head East 12.5 miles where you’ll find it down on the right hand side of the road… just look for all of the cars and motorcycles. All of the above are FREE… I love that price range! ?


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