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Monroe County Courthouse

Built in 1890, the Monroe County Courthouse stands majestically above its surroundings. The one hundred foot clock tower and observation deck was once the tallest building in Key West. You may not know that this historic county courthouse is named for President James Monroe… now you do! ?

Even though Key West was once Florida’s largest city, before 1890 it had no courthouse. Its isolation and lack of a courthouse forced those in court cases to travel all the way to St. Augustine! Can you imagine, the year is 1885 and your court case has finally come up and you have to travel 469 miles by horse and buggy to have your day in court… oh yeah, and then you have to travel back!

My father lived in the first house directly across the street from this historic iconic building. As a child he could sit on his front porch and see the daily activity in what was then the center hub of Key West.

You can find this towering historical landmark across the street from my father’s childhood home at 500 Whitehead Street in Key West.

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