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Marathon’s Turtle Beach

IMG_1406HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and good riddance 2020! ?

OK, you may be saying “What the heck is a turtle beach?” Well, to start off with it’s real name is Coco Plum Beach which is commonly referred to by locals as ‘Turtle Beach’.

Here’s the answer for it’s nickname: From April through October it’s not unusual to have Loggerhead Turtles coming on to the beach at night to lay their eggs. During active turtle nesting season the City limits human activities in the vicinity of active turtle nest establishments. Turtle nest areas typically represents less than 10% of the available beach area. The remainder of the beach is open for our visitors and residents to enjoy. See… “Turtle Beach”.

You can find this ‘Turtle Beach’ by turning at Mile Marker 54.2 oceanside onto Coco Plum Road and keep driving 1.4 miles till you see it on your right.

P.S. – If you miss the turn and keep going straight… well then, you’ll end up in the Atlantic Ocean soaking wet!!! ?

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