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Kino Sandal Factory

Kino Sandal Factory

Believe it or not, this is in fact a ‘Tourist Destination’! People come from all over the USA just to see this single room factory & sales counter.

Here’s yet another freebie to do in the Florida Keys… and if you love the smell of leather then even better!

Welcome to Kino Sandals, located in Key West at 107 Fitzpatrick Street. All of the sandals sold at Kino’s are hand-made using natural leather uppers and natural rubber soles. They’re assembled and glued in their traditional sandal factory in Kino Plaza at the corner of Greene and Fitzpatrick Streets. You can actually stand at the sales counter and watch them working just 8 ft in front of you. Look at the photo to the left and you can see one of the sandal making machines that helped create the sandals to its left.

The popular and durable sandals are all original designs by Kino and make a practical and inexpensive gift. The fundamental difference is that Kino uses the traditional hand-made techniques to assemble their sandals, the talent of the craftsmen can not be replaced by any machine. It’s this uncommon effort of the dedicated experience of their long time employees that distinguishes this product from the ones down the street or in your local mall.

It’s FREE to come in and browse, watch the process and take your souvenir photo. It’s worth a walk by and drop in.

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