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Key West’s #1 BEST Sunset Spot

4398785446_9174a64053_bAfter months of listing the 4th, 3rd & 2nd best places to watch the sunset in Key West it’s finally time to reveal the #1 position!

As you can see by the featured photo at the top of the page, it appears that God’s nature kept the most beautiful & unique sunset for the final day of the year. December 31st 2008 provided onlookers with a spectacular one-of-a-kind example of his awesome power and artistic splendor as a mired of colors, clouds & ocean all came together along with sightseeing boats and jet stream combined for the most unbelievable sunset in my life! Though the sunset can be seen from a number of locations around the island paradise, it’s where we saw this pastel picture portrait that lands this spot at #1 on our charts. Our #1 pick lands us here at the historic little known Civil War compound called Fort Zachary Taylor.

As seen below, you can actually sit on the rocks at the edge of the ocean as the sun sets before your eyes. You won’t even have to fight any crowds, the first time I came here there was a total of 5 or 6 other people along with myself to watch God’s sunset symphony. Each time since I believe the word is getting out ever so slowly, the last time, though not crowded, there was at least 24 -30 spectators spread along the rocky beach breaking white rocks. This is BY FAR a place to woo your spouse, better half or significant other as they too will be impressed that you’ve taken them to a place that will end up meaning so much in the future when looking back at the romantic times of your life. There’s a $2 – $3 per car load fee for entering the park but it’s well worth the minimal charge to experience the sunset of a lifetime!

You can find this secluded secret seaside observatory at the beaches of the virtually unknown tourist attraction called Fort Zachary Taylor about 3 or 4 block south of Duval Street by the old Navy Pier.



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