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It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me!

Rock & Roll Stones

You don’t have to be a music aficionado to appreciate this! Here’s a uniquely strange one for you that left me laughing and turning around for this photo.

Though faded some since this photo, you can find these stones on Card Sound Road at the beginning of the Florida Keys. At Mile Marker 126.7  turn onto Card Sound Road and drive down 4.7 miles where you’ll find them on your right. Once again, mile markers on this road are terrible so go by your car’s odometer ONLY! Be aware, the last time I drove by they had been repainted in PINK, I hope for a GREAT CAUSE like a Breast Cancer Awareness promotion. This of course is FREE, just be safe and pull completely off the road never walking across the opposing traffic. Enjoy it, I loved it and have shown it to many friends and now to you my Bloggers. So whether your musical preference is Hip Hop, Country, Alternative, Latin, Reggae, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Motown or Punk… as singer Billy Joel says: “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me!” ?

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