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In Two Oceans At One Time

Two Oceans At One Time

Have you ever been in TWO oceans at the same time? I HAVE, ? it’s an AWESOME feeling!

Want something WILD and DIFFERENT to do this weekend? This fits the bill and will be something to brag about in the years to come.

Underneath Tea Table bridge is the FIRST chance to comfortably walk under and actually see two different bodies of water at one time. The Atlantic Ocean to the right and Gulf of Mexico to the left. Yes, I know that one is officially an ocean and one is a gulf… but, the blog title ‘In One Ocean And One Gulf At The Same Time’ just doesn’t do it for me! ?

You can experience this too or just go down and see it for yourself at Mile Marker 79.8 on US-1 north or south. Either way, go with a friend for safety reasons because the rocks when wet can get slippery and for someone to take your photo.

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