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Duval Street Courtyard

Duval Street Courtyard

For months I’ve written about specific attractions both FREE & FEE, historical sites, nautical boats & notable beaches… well, this one is about noticing pure beauty! Look at the colors, you have brilliant blues, ravishing reds, glimmering greens, whiter than white, posh pastels, ghostly greys and a posing cat & bicycle to boot! An absolutely perfect photo just waiting to be taken… and so I did.

To me, it looks like a puzzle photo or one from Better Homes & Garden magazine. Of all places to see something so unintended by its owner to draw attention and yet just look at it!!!! Wow, as I was walking down Duval Street on its northeastern side I just so happened to swivel my head and tucked between an alleyway and fence was this homes personal courtyard. Let me tell you, homes alone are RARE on Duval Street so dedicated to bars, hotels & shops that this one simply stood out. So pardon my lack of historical significance, no lines to wait in, and missing star power as a Sloppy Joe’s or Largest Fish because this one is all about the hidden views of serenity in the busy hustle and bustle pedestrian packed Duval Street.

Don’t be afraid to go the road less traveled down side roads and alleyways, you just might find a diamond in the rough. I hope you enjoy its simplistic allure as I did upon my first gander. When someone asks you: “What are your top things to do in Key West?”… maybe you too will simply say “Nothing but enjoying its natural beauty that others might have missed!”

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