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Beer’s #1 Selling Weekend!

beersignWelcome to SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

So, do you think that the Super Bowl is the #1 beer selling weekend of the entire year? You may be surprised! Based on 3 different on-line listings of the top 10 beer selling weekends/holidays, none show the Super Bowl higher than #7. By the way, each chose a different #1 top spot winning weekend/holiday.

Here’s what CNBC lists as their TOP TEN:

  1. 4th Of July
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Labor Day
  4. Fathers Day
  5. Cinco de Mayo
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Christmas/New Years
  8. Halloween
  9. Easter
  10. Super Bowl

I’m blown away to see Halloween outselling the Super Bowl! Cinco de Mayo above New Years… that’s so hard to believe! Wow, how in the world did Easter & Fathers Day make the list? I can guaranty one thing, here in Key West the Top 10 List would look a lot different with New Years topping the chart for sure! :-)

Oh yeah, a totally unrelated fun fact about the Super Bowl: Disney World in Orlando reports the BEST day of the year to visit the park for the shortest lines is in fact Super Bowl Sunday! :-)

You can find the ‘Beer, The reason I get up every afternoon’ sign seen here at corner of 1000 Grinnell Street & 1000 Truman Avenue on the wall inside of the Million Dollar Bar in Key West.

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