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A Real Key West RV

Key West RV

Would you do this to promote your hometown? They did! It’s time to go RV’ing… ok, RV hunting! This is one of those things that I had no idea of seeing or even looking for, we cruised right by this while on one of our day-long cycling trips around Key West. As we peddled by I began laughing and immediately turned around whipping out my 6″ Cannon… (That’s my camera!) ? not missing an opportunity for a uniquely different type of photo that most don’t have.

This hometown promoting RV can be found near the corner of Vernon Ave. & Waddell Ave.  diagonally in front of a fantastic restaurant and gathering place called Louie’s Backyard on Key West’s eastern part of town just two blocks north of Duval Street. Now Go RV’ing!

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