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25.8 Mile Back Road To Solitude

5085017278_49920829c9_bA throwback to yesteryear when roads were 2-lane, desolate, eerie and in the middle of nowhere with water on both sides for much of your 25.8 mile drive. That’s right, that road exists today as Card Sound Road, the alternate less used back road to Key Largo.

Card Sound Road begins at Mile Marker 127.6 on US-1, you would then drive 16.6 miles to a flashing red light where you’d turn south towards Key Largo for another 9.2 miles ending up near Mile Marker 106.8 on US-1. If you’re wondering, staying on US-1 instead of Card Sound Road is indeed faster and only 20.8 miles long, even though it’s called “The 18 Mile Stretch”. ? UNRELATED HUMOROUS FACTIOD: OH yeah, the Florida Keys 7-Mile Bridge isn’t seven miles long either! (True) ?

Card Sound Road is approx. $1 or so per car toll road and a no brainer when US-1 is backed up, closed or during major holidays… “The 18 Mile Stretch” is always busier! Card Sound Road offers: Alabama Jack’s, Crocodile Lake Wildlife Refuge, & Dagny Johnson Botanical Park.


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