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19-Year-Old Girl Buried In Barroom Floor!

IMG_1489Only in Key West can you hear a story like this! Amazing but TRUE! No matter which version you believe, she’s still buried beneath your feet!

Elvira Edmunds was a young 19-year-old bride during the era of pirates. She died on Dec. 21, 1822. Some 191 years later there’s two very different stories of her demise.

Story #1) Simply states that she was killed by her husband, a mortician.

Story #2) Claims she was playing cards with her husband and two others. An argument broke out and before the drunken men could react, Elvira murdered all three with a knife. She went to trial, was found guilty and was sentenced to hang. The first attempt at hanging failed and was taken down and shackled. A second attempt finally left her swinging from a tree.

Elvira was buried in the floor of her husband’s mortuary. The morgue was destroyed by an 1847 hurricane losing her burial site to history. Her tombstone was found by Tony Tarracino of Captain Tony’s Saloon who simply built his bar around it! Some say she still haunts the bar today. She lived 19 years, 8 months, 21 days and is FOREVER immortalized in concrete beneath your feet in a barroom floor next to a pool table!

You can find this TRUE ghost story at Capt. Tony’s Saloon 428 Greene Street.


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